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Fun Free and Freedom With the Kids in Hampshire and the South East

The last two years were hard, even for the most mentally positive of us all. So as I stand in the playground waiting for my child to rush into my arms; big smile, messy hair and book bag thrust into my chest, it's hard not to feel so worn out. A peek around the playground at the other mask wearing parents, (trying to keep to themselves, lost in their own thoughts), I can't help but feel the weight of a worn out community. Bubbles within bubbles, each to their own and trying to claw out of the hole that 'Covid-19' put us all in. But as caring parents we smile warmly back at our children and hope that smiling, laughing and having fun becomes the new pandemic. It's hard to be optimistic about another new year when fun with the kids over the course of 2020 and 2021 was so difficult, different and definitely not so care-free. So in light of the fact we have become conditioned to the pandemic and we are starting to see a way to live with it, this new year should be quite